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Price List

Black Copper Marans: $11/chick, $75/dozen hatching eggs.


Cream Legbar: $12/pullet chick, $5/cockerel chick, $60/dozen hatching eggs.


Olive Egger: $12/pullet chick, $1/cockerel chick, $45/dozen hatching eggs.


Buff Orpington: $12/chick


Barred Plymouth Rock: $12/chick. Limited Availability. 

***Chick prices may increase with age. Chicks are sold as straight run unless otherwise specified.***

Hatching eggs are available for shipping or pickup. Shipped eggs are packed in foam egg shippers via USPS for a cost of $20. Dreaming Tree Farmstead is not responsible for eggs that are mishandled by the postal service. Buyers understand that  there are many variables that contribute to hatching success, and that hatch rates are not guaranteed. We recommend letting eggs sit at room temperature for 24 hours (pointy end down) before beginning incubation to allow the air cell to settle back into position.

Grow outs may be available later in the year. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the most up to date availability! 

Payment methods: We accept Cash, Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App. Credit cards are accepted with a small fee.

For the Kitchen

Farm fresh eggs (non-GMO). Once you have the real deal, there is no going back to store bought! 


$5 per dozen


$13 for 3 dozen


Broiler chicken available seasonally. Please let us know if you are interested so we can plan ahead for ordering. Our broilers are raised on pasture, rotated daily, and fed a soy-free/non-GMO feed.


Pure Vanilla Extract made from Madagascar vanilla beans stored in Italian swing top bottles. Use the beans' caviar to enhance any of your favorite vanilla flavored recipes. This is a luxury that all bakers are sure to enjoy!

$40 per 8.5 oz bottle.

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