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The Chickens

We are currently raising Exhibition Buff Orpingtons - Exhibition Barred Plymouth RocksCream Legbars - 

and Olive Eggers.


Chicks and grow outs will be posted on the For Sale page and our Facebook page as they become available. For the most up to date information, follow us on Facebook!


Barred Rocks have been a goal breed for us from the beginning. We are so excited to have acquired quality foundation stock to start our breeding line and plan on showing them. Availability will be extremely limited.


We are in love with our standard bred Buff Orpington flock and breed to SOP. They are show stoppers in the yard with their gorgeous gold color and their friendly, inquisitive demeanor can't be beat. A great all-around bird if you are looking for personality, beauty, and food production.


The Cream Legbars are a fun addition for those beautiful blue eggs. And we just love their hairdos! They have been fantastic and dependable layers. Legbars are auto sexing and available as pullets/cockerels at hatch. 


Our Olive Eggers are a breeding between our Black Copper Marans and Cream Legbars for a rich green color. Using a BCM rooster and Legbar hen allows us to produce chicks that are auto sexing, so you can go home with a guaranteed pullet. Our OE hens look similar to a BCM hen, but with a slightly higher tail and a crest!

Olive Egger.JPG
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